Monday 15 October 2012

Radiance 34 - I will be who I will be

This is the final section of Radiance, Keter/Crown, and is composed of just this one chapter. That  means that next week's epilogue, Ein Sof/Without End, will bring this project to a close. In just seven days I'll post links to the entire book, my thoughts about future revisions, and where this blog will go next. Thanks for following along.

13] Moses said to God, ‘Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, “The God of your fathers has sent me to you,” and they ask me, “What is His name?” Then what shall I tell them?’
14] God said to Moses, ‘I Will Be Who I Will Be. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: “I Will Be has sent me to you.”’
15] God also said to Moses, ‘Say to the Israelites, “The Lord, the God of your fathers – the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob – has sent me to you.” This is my name for ever - my memorial from generation to generation.’

-Exodus 3:13-15

    The word of the Lord came to Asher son of Eliav when he dwelt in the city of New York, saying:

    I have waited for you my people, I have waited years without measure;
    And still you stir up My anger against you.
    Why do you sit in silence when My world cries out for justice?
    When My people suffer under the yoke of oppression, why were your words not heard?

    In the holy city of Jerusalem, my chosen warriors stood up for you,
        Declares the Lord of Hosts.
    The remainder of the seven mighty ones took their stand in the city of David.
    On the mountain of Zion they contended for My honour,
    On the hills of My city they fought for My name.
    Though the pangs of death lapped against them, like waves against the shore,
    The faithful showed neither fear nor terror,
    And planted themselves like the cedar tree, a shelter in the strong wind.

    There the Sword met the sorceress, the sword that cuts struck the ancient witch.
    She saw her lot in the throw of the bones, her coming future in their carvings,
    And yet the mind is swifter than the spirit, the blade faster than the soul.
    The black cloth was cleansed by blood, washed clean through the death of the wicked one.
    And the Sword herself knew peace
    But only for a moment.

    And you who witnessed these miracles, how can you be silent?
    And you who saw My mighty deeds, how can you not speak out?
    For the Lord is mighty in His power,
    The Holy One of Israel is strength.

    And there the Staff of Moses met the Angels of Prostitution,
    Naamah, and Lillith, and Agrat bat Mahlah, and Eishet Znunim,
    The wives of Samael, the angel of death.
    They met in battle against the sceptre of Israel,
    Strove to break the Staff of Moses.
    In her jealous wrath she spoke My words of fire,
    My words of flame poured from her opened lips.
    Though the jaws of death closed around her,
    Though they closed about her neck itself,
    My words of fire devoured My enemies,
    Like a flame among thorns they perished from my sight.

    And you who witnessed these great deeds, how can you be silent?
    And you who saw My awesome power, why do you not do what is right?
    Why do the poor go hungry, the stranger and the orphan without bread?
    Do I desire your empty promises?
        Declares God Most High.

    And there the Fire faced the Water, the bordered flame against the unfettered sea.
    Neither one could destroy the other, so equal were they in power and skill.
    Though they strove by day and night,
    Though sun and moon set on their struggles,
    Neither one could overcome the other,
    Until She gained the highest understanding,
    The wisdom of ancient times.
    That cannot be destroyed must be bound, what cannot be loosed must be tied,
    The fire became an eternal boundary,
    A prison forever, of living flame,
    And though the water raged and seethed, he could not escape his prison,
    And rages still, until the future to come.

    And you who have witnessed My devotion, how can you be silent?
    And you who see My deepest truths, why do you sit unmoved?
    Is it the fat of your devotions that sate my hunger?
    The burnt offerings of your lives that slake my thirst?
    But that you help the poor among you, devote yourselves to their needs in truth,
    Raise their heads from out the dust, for you too have dwelt in dust.

    And there the Daughter, the Music, the All,
    Confronted evil.
    For there was Samael, the Severity of God, the angel of evil death, the killer of his father.
    And the righteous fury of the All was terrible,
    His anger shook the heavens from their foundations.
    The mountains trembled as they clashed,
    And as they fought the deep itself shook in fear.
    From the depths to the heights they roamed,
    Striving against each other across the four corners of the earth.
    The song in his heart was his spear,
    His sword was the praise on his lips,
    And yet the angel’s wrath was greater,
    The Severity of the Lord was too strong to be overcome.
    There the Music fell at the feet of his father’s killer,
    And there the All faced his end.

    But the Lord worked a mighty act in the face of His enemies,
    And achieved a great reversal for His mighty one.
    For there too was Ashmedai, the King of the Demons.
    And because Ashmedai loved the pleasures of the world,
    Finding fortitude in the joys of the earth,
    He took up arms against the enemies of the Lord,
    Against the Lord’s foes, he wielded his power.
    With a single mighty stroke he severed the head of Samael,
    Pierced the body of the angel of death,
    While the Son of Eliav and Emma bowed his head in thanks.

    And you who have witnessed all these things, how can you be silent?
    And you who seek to know Me, why do you not take action?
    Every day my mighty ones suffer to sustain your world,
    Every day they give their blood for you to live your life.
    When I call, will you not answer?
    When I call you name, will you not pay heed?

    For the time is coming,
        Declares the God of Israel,
    When I shall judge all peoples and all nations,
    And not by strength or wealth shall I judge them,
    But by the poorest among them, the weakest in their midst.
    When My judgement comes, where will you hide?
    Where will you flee My attention?

    For the day is yet coming, the end of days,
    When all shall follow the rule of God.

    The day is coming
    When all will be what it will be.

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