From the Deep - Leviathan in Jewish Tradition

Leviathan, primordial monster of the sea, can be found lurking throughout Jewish tradition and is the single topic in Jewish tradition that I find the most fascinating.

From the Deep is my ongoing series that aims to explore each text on its own terms.

Here be Dragons!

Biblical Texts
Genesis 1
Exodus 7

Isaiah 27
Isaiah 51

Jeremiah 5

Ezekiel 29
Ezekiel 32

Habakkuk 3

Psalm 74
Psalm 77
Psalm 89
Psalm 104
Psalm 148

Proverbs 8

Job 3
Job 7
Job 9
Job 26
Job 40-41
Book of Job Overview

Rabbinic Texts
Coming soon

Medieval Texts
Coming soon

Kabbalistic Texts 
Coming soon

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