Monday 5 March 2012

Radiance 5 - They smote me, they wounded me

  This is the final (and rather short) chapter of the first section of the novel, the section of Malchut - Kingship. Next week begins the second section, Yesod - Foundation.

    Samael was furious. Rage blistered across his blackened skin, escaping in hisses of steam and sulphur. How could this have happened?
    With a molten fist he thundered open the door, melting the metal frame.
    “Samael, so good of you to join us,” whispered the woman at the head of the table, her eyes, as always, hidden beneath her midnight hood.
    “How could this happen? Why does the unborn prince still live? He has met with the seven, even now he is with Virgo, beginning his induction.”
    “Calm yourself, my love,” Lillith rose from her place and came to Samael’s side, stroking his cheek with her pale talons.
    “Calm myself Lillith? Calm myself? Did we not summon Ashmedai himself to destroy him? Why does he still live?”
    “I told you we should never have called a demon to do a woman’s job,” whispered the cloaked woman.

    “Ov, I have no interest in your babble. All our plans could come undone if the unborn prince claims his place among the seven. Naamah, you told us that Ashmedai would succeed.”
    Naamah did not rise from her chair but uncoiled her legs like a serpent, shifting her weight. “No, my husband, I said that I could not see the unborn prince in the world after Ashmedai’s attack. Obviously he is no longer in the world.”
    “Your prophecies are worthless then,” Samael snorted. “The prince is with Virgo, the seven are united, and our Golem in Jeruslaem succeeded only in getting washed away. Soon we shall be nothing but a laughing stock.”
    Pushing aside Lillith, Samael collapsed into his throne. Lillith soon took her seat as well. They were all here now - the nameless one in his borrowed body, Ov in her midnight cowl, Lillith and Naamah, and Samael himself. Now they waited. But not for long.
    A voice spoke to each of them, words not meant to be heard aloud. A few minutes passed. No one moved. The voice ceased.
    Samael nodded, “well then, I suppose that makes sense.”
    “The vision shifts, the plan moves on,” said Naamah.
    “Sounds fun,” agreed Ov.
    The nameless one was silent, though the face he wore twisted into a kind of grin.
    The time was soon coming for the Sitra Achra to reveal themselves.

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