Sunday 11 March 2012

Radiance - The Story So Far

Malchut (Kingship) - Chapter 1
Malchut (Kingship) - Chapter 2
Malchut (Kingship) - Chapter 3
Malchut (Kingship) - Chapter 4
Malchut (Kingship) - Chapter 5 

The Unborn Prince
Asher was sitting in the bath, feeling low after hearing the news that his father had just passed away, when Ashmedai, the king of the demons tore a hole out of the wall. Appearing somewhat like Asher himself, Ashmedai chased him onto the street where only the timely intervention of two warriors - one in gold and one in silver - saved his life. Told to 'find the edges', Asher escaped with only minor injury. Was it all a dream?

Knock, knock, knockin' on Asher's Door
Someone calling herself Virgo has been following Asher throughout his life, appearing at several key moments - his first guitar lesson, his college days, his first day as an astrology hotline operator.

Mysterious City of Gold
Virgo discovered a golem in the Western Wall excavations in Jerusalem. Calling on the power of the storm, she washed the golem away, recovering the parchment that had been used to animate him.

Englishman in New York
Asher's life has become grey and dull, so when Virgo calls and asks him to meet her at Grand Central, he leaps at the chance. On the way he meets a taxi driver down on his luck and gives him $50. Then Virgo and Asher meet.

The Sitra Achra
Meanwhile, the forces of evil are forced to make new plans. From where are they receiving their messages?

And a glimpse of things to come...
-“Words have power, Asher, and the words of the Bible contain ultimate power. Words shape reality.”

-“This,” she brandished her wooden staff before her, “is the staff that Aaron used to turn the River Nile to blood, the staff that Moses held when he split the Reed Sea..." 

-“Conjugate the verb lamed, mem, dalet in the kal form,” she said, never letting up her constantly shifting attacks.

-"Deep in the dark, something was stirring - something vast, sinuous and twisting, uncoiling in the salty depths."

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